Darrent Vinnett Ambassador of Increase
Darren Vinnett Ambassador of Increase

Your Time Has Come.

I help Christian business leaders gain clarity on their life’s calling, overcome fears and increase their income so they can live their lives on purpose, walk in power and profit from their passion.

My Story

Hi, I’m Darren Vinnett also known as the AMBASSADOR OF INCREASE for the work I do to help CHRISTIAN BUSINESS LEADERS bring increase to their lives and businesses. At fourteen years old with no internet, no money and no formal education, I started my first business. Since then I have never had to work a job a day in my life.

Over the last 41 years, I have been the creative mastermind in helping launch, start and increase the sales for some of the world’s most famous festivals, events, business and ministry brands. For many people, I help make their dream of starting their own business a reality. For others, I help fix their existing businesses to increase sales. In either case, I spoil every customer by leaving increase and profits everywhere I go!

Are you Ready Achieve One or All of the Following?

  •     Start your own business?
  •     Get clarity on your life’s purpose?
  •     Write your own book?
  •     Live free from fear, anxiety, stress & overwhelm?
  •     Expand your ministry?
  •     Learn to profit from your passion?
  •     Increase sales in your existing business?

Great! To get the job done, you need to partner with a skilled, seasoned professional to help you gain and access the wisdom of God on your behalf! Let’s connect to see if we’re a good fit.

Darren Vinnett -Business Consultant

It's Time to Accelerate Your Life, Business and Relationships

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, under appreciated, or lacking clarity on your life’s calling? Maybe you thought for sure that you would be farther along at this point in your life. Want to launch your business but not sure how? Already have a business and not clear on how to increase it? Tired of unfulfilling relationships? Your life can change in a moment. Let’s make this that moment!



We were all born with the seeds of greatness inside of us, but they need to be cultivated. Coaching involves working one-on-one with Darren to identify hidden resources lying dormant within you to elevate your mindset and your skillset, resulting in increased sales, loving relationships, and greater clarity of purpose.



Known both nationally and internationally as the Ambassador of Increase, Darren Vinnett doesn’t just motivate crowds, but he leaves lasting effects with his words and nuggets of wisdom. His passion is to challenge leaders to move from mediocre living to what he calls “the dominion lifestyle.”


Whether launching a new business, expanding your ministry, writing or marketing your first book, or increasing the sales of an existing business, Darren is available to help you get unstuck and  provides insights as a seasoned business veteran of over 40 years. 



Most people NEVER discover, develop or profit from the gifts, talents or passions God has invested in them. It’s what I call your hidden treasures, and I want to help you to find them! This unique video training will shed light on the fact that you are equipped for your purpose and assignment. It will also uncover and expose the genius on the inside of you. You can do this!

Complete the simple form on the right by submitting your BEST email address so I can get my awesome video training to you. I promise I won’t spam you, but I will ensure you unlock your potential by giving you access to an exclusive video training to you that will enjoy and benefit from over and over again.

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Do not just take my word for it. Hundreds of individuals have gained clarity, insight, inspiration and take-action motivation from me as my coaching students and mastermind members.

“Darren Vinnet helped me unearth the treasures inside of me and now I have the confidence to launch my own business helping others.”

Denise Weatherspoon